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The Bank Job (2008) Movie Download
The Bank Job (2008) movie poster download
Name:The Bank Job (2008)
Starring:Jason Statham, Saffron Burrows, Stephen Campbell Moore
Directed:Roger Donaldson
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Synopsis    :   Business Is Slow For Terry Leather, A London Car Dealer, Married With Children. He's An Artful Dodger, So Martine, A Former Model With A Thing For Him, Brings Him Her Scheme: A Bank's Alarm Is Off For A Couple Weeks, So Let's Tunnel Into The Vault. He Assembles A Team, Not Realizing Her Real Goal Is A Safe-deposit Box With Compromising Photos Of A Royal: She Needs The Photos To Trade For Avoiding A Jail Sentence - And MI-5, Or Is It MI-6, Is Pulling The Strings Two Steps Removed. A Trinidadian Thug, A High-end Bordello Owner, And A Pornographer Also Have Things Stored In The Vault, So The Break-in Threatens Many A Powerful Personage. Is There Any Way These Amateurs Can Pull It Off?
The Bank Job (2008)
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